About me

I like people. I like meeting new people and being in good company. That’s why I studied psychology. During my studies, I was able to familiarize myself theoretically and during my internship with solution- and resource-oriented counselling according to De Shazer et al. and have internalized this positive image of humanity.

As I am not only interested in the psyche, but also in the functioning of the body and dealing with disabilities, I worked for 11 years as a vocational and integration consultant at the IV office in Fribourg. In this context, I completed a postgraduate course to become a career and study counselor.

In 2013, as my desire grew to be able to support people more individually and intensively than is possible as an IV consultant, I decided to set up my own business. In order to be able to support you even better, I have undergone further training in areas such as solution and resource-oriented coaching, hypnosis, provocative approaches and mindfulness.

In addition to individual coaching, I have increasingly discovered my passion for working with groups and implement this in the form of workshops, team coaching and supervision.

I have also been working as a palliative psychologist at Diaconis Palliative Care on a small part-time basis since 2022.

Professional background and memberships

Professional career

  • Psychology studies (1994 – 2000), specialization: Behavior modification
  • Practical training in solution-oriented counseling (1999)
  • Worked at the IV office in Freiburg as an integration consultant (2002 – 2013)
  • Postgraduate studies in vocational and career counseling (2002 – 2004)
  • Further training for professional integration (2005 – 2012)
  • HypnoBirthing course instructor (2010)
  • Holistic fertility counseling (The Fertile Body Method; 2011)
  • Further training in hypnosis (2011 – 2017)
  • Autogenic training (2013)
  • Fundamentals of anatomy/physiology/pathology (2013)
  • Advanced training in solution and resource-oriented coaching and course management in this area (Solutionsurfers Academy 2015/2016)
  • CAS Supervision and Team Coaching (2019/2020)
  • Ongoing training in the areas of coaching, mindfulness and provocative approaches (since 2013)
  • Psychologie d’Urgence “Intervention immédiate” (2021)
  • Palliative psychology (2022/2023)
  • Facilitator in the LEGO® Serious Play® method (2023)


  • Federation of Swiss Psychologists FSP
  • Pro Infirmis
  • Solutionsurfers Academy
  • BSO (Professional Association for Coaching, Supervision and Organizational Consulting)
  • Palliative.ch