Workshop on solution- and resource-oriented communication

I offer workshops in solution- and resource-oriented communication (according to de Shazer) for the employees of your company. They are suitable for anyone who works with people internally or externally and wants to communicate efficiently, appreciatively and motivationally.

The workshop, as well as the subsequent application in everyday life, is about recognizing existing resources in the other person, building on them and developing feasible solutions. Simple, effective and easy-to-implement techniques are practiced.

Target audience:

  • People who work in an advisory capacity
  • People with a management function
  • People who work in education
  • People who work in nursing or care


  • Learn important and simple tools for direct implementation during the course
  • Experience the motivating effect of this type of communication in many practical exercises
  • Shifting the focus away from the problem towards tangible solutions.
  • Strengthening the existing resources of the participants and their future discussion partners


  • Short theoretical input
  • Getting to know, experiencing and practicing the techniques from the 1st lesson


As required and by arrangement

Further information:

Further information can be found at Gobet&Lange (link)

Mental health

Would you like a workshop on a specific topic in your company? Would you like to help improve the well-being and health of your employees and thus counteract absenteeism and loss of motivation?

I offer customized workshops of varying duration on topics such as

Stress management

– Mindfulness

– Delimitation

– Relaxing breaks

Keynote speeches on clinical pictures, professional integration and mental health are also possible.

“I liked the fact that we were able to practise a lot. It was fun!”

Participants, 40

“I have already attended many workshops on communication, but I really learned something new here!”

Participant, 52

“Julia is enthusiastic about it, it’s infectious!”

Participant, 35