Coaching / Support

Coaching in general

Are there any areas in your life that you would like to improve? Don’t know exactly how to go about it yet?

Possible topics could be

  • Lose weight
  • Quit smoking
  • Reduction of or dealing with pain
  • Reduction of fear of
    • Examinations
    • Dentist
    • Syringes
    • Give lectures
    • Unfamiliar
  • Sleep improvement
  • Reduction of nervousness and stress levels
  • Delimitation
  • Achieving a goal (sport, learning, career)
  • Career counseling
  • Increasing self-confidence
  • Increase your zest for life

Of course, other topics are also possible.

If you are undergoing medical and/or psychotherapeutic treatment, please let me know. With your consent, I will be happy to contact the person treating you in order to coordinate the procedure.


In an initial session, we define the goals of the coaching and find out in the course of the coaching which of your strengths and skills you can use and possibly deepen in order to achieve this goal step by step. You will be familiarized with techniques that will help you and that you can apply to other situations in the future.


A coaching session lasts approx. 3-6 sessions, depending on your wishes and the topic. These can take place at shorter or longer intervals.


CHF 160 per 60-minute coaching session

Coaching for professional integration

  • Are you struggling to meet the demands of the world of work due to illness or an accident?
  • Would you like to or should you return to work after a long absence from the labor market?
  • Are you unsure about what and how much you can expect/trust yourself to do?
  • Are you worried about not being able to withstand the strain?
  • Do you perhaps need to consider a career change?
  • Do you have respect or fear of returning to work?

In consultation with the IV, I can offer you intensive guidance and support during this challenging time of upheaval. Possible options include preparation for further IV vocational measures, support during an internship and/or working on a specific topic (see also coaching in general).


After a pre-registration through the IV reintegration counseling service, we will arrange a non-binding initial meeting where we can get to know each other and discuss your personal wishes and goals. You then decide whether coaching with me is an option for you.

The IV then determines the duration of the support in a cost approval.


If necessary and at your request, I will be happy to contact your doctor, psychotherapist, employer or other parties involved.

Individual birth coaching

If you would like a birth preparation course that is tailored to your needs and takes your previous knowledge and experience into account, we can put together an individual course for you.

Hypnosis techniques are used.

This course can be attended with or without a partner. Ideally, however, the partner should be present for at least part of the sessions.


Depending on the needs of the couple or mothers 2 – 6 hours


CHF 160.-/hour

Desire to have children

Waiting in vain for a pregnancy or having to cope with repeated miscarriages is incredibly stressful for a person and a couple. The effects of this stress on a psychological, social and physical level can be serious.

The following topics, for example, can be addressed in a coaching session using the Fertile Body Method:

  • Better able to deal with disappointments and expectations (of others or yourself) Develop composure
  • Feel more joie de vivre again
  • Improving fertility through lifestyle changes (stopping smoking, gaining or losing weight, nutrition, stress management, blockage resolution)
  • Get to know your cycle and better determine your fertile days
  • Making decisions (regarding medical clarifications/support, adoption, giving up the desire to have children…)
  • Support during the process of stressful interventions, reduction of side effects
  • Support after miscarriage or in case of fear of miscarriage

These measures achieve a holistic improvement in fertility. This makes pregnancy more likely.

The Fertile Body Method can also be carried out as an accompanying measure to artificial insemination and has also led to an increased pregnancy rate here.

Coaching is open to women and men and takes place in individual sessions. As a rule, 3 – 6 sessions are necessary.

Procedure and costs:

See Coaching in general

Grief counseling / End of Life

Have you lost a loved one or are you having to deal with the imminent death of someone close to you? Or are you struggling with your own death?

As a palliative psychologist, I support those affected and their relatives openly, lovingly and empathetically in dealing with illness, dying and death and any necessary decision-making. This can take place after the diagnosis of a life-shortening illness, before or after the death of a loved one or even years later if you would like help in dealing with such a difficult situation.

Theoretical background / techniques

I rely on solution and resource-oriented coaching according to De Shazer. This means that the search is primarily for solutions to a situation and not necessarily for the causes of a problem. Sometimes, however, it can also be useful to get to the root of a difficulty and improve the way you deal with it. I focus strongly on the personal experiences and strengths of the person being coached and assume that everyone has the skills to turn a situation around. Sometimes, however, you need some external impetus to (re)recognize and develop these skills.

Depending on your needs or wishes, I use relaxation techniques (self-hypnosis, autogenic training or progressive relaxation according to Jacobson) or other techniques from hypnosis and mindfulness. However, this is of course only by arrangement and at your express request.

For some issues, elements from behavioral therapy have proven to be effective. These are also included if necessary.

For stressful beliefs or beliefs that cause suffering, I like to fall back on “The work” by Byron Katie.

“I felt well supported and achieved my goals!”

Client, 55

“Despite some difficult topics, we laughed a lot. That feels good.”

Client, 37

“I was able to learn how to deal with my exam anxiety and organize myself better.”

Client, 19, Your Content Goes Here